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Hooves for Hope = Steps for Change

Last year Congress enacted significant changes to the tax code and a number of those changes impact charitable giving in the US. Some donors who have previously itemized deductions will instead choose to take the much higher "Standard Deduction" ($12,000 for individuals, $24,000 for joint fillers) in 2018 and future tax years.

Here are few tax implications you might consider as the year comes to a close:

  • Individual tax brackets are lower for a large segment of taxpayers, leaving more income available for individual needs and charitable gifts.
  • The new tax law expanded the deduction limits for charitable gifts. A tax payer can now deduct in one year 60% of AGI for gifts made in cash, and 30% of AGI for gifts made of appreciated stock and non-cash assets, with unused deductions carried over one to five additional years.
  • The new tax law left intact the benefits of giving appreciated assets like stock and real estate, avoiding recognition of the sale/gain on the donor's return, while granting the donor full market value deduction.
  • The new tax law also left intact and further incentivized Direct-IRA gifts for donors of 70.5 years and older. IRA gifts count toward minimum distribution requirements, but are non-taxable distributions.
    • The last day of donation 2019 is TUESDAY, December 31.

    Beyond Boundaries provides therapy services that utilize horses to help local children and adults conquer the physical, mental and emotional boundaries associated with disabilities.  Our clients are your friends and neighbors with the greatest need, who gain the most benefit from the services we provide.  These services could not be provided without the support of our donors and no matter how large or small, EVERY gift we receive is important to us.  We pledge to honor your donation by being good stewards of the funds we raise to directly support the children and adults that depend on us.

    With your support we can continue to provide the best treatments and support to children and adults, who might otherwise not receive therapy.

    Expenses related to caring for our herd are constant: veterinary costs, farrier (horseshoe) costs, food and equipment. Is it in your heart and budget to sponsor a member of our herd and cover these costs on a monthly basis?  Sponsoring one of our riders will cover monthly riding fees if you prefer!

    Donations that could cover a new helmet, safety belt, halter or other necessary equipment are also needed and equally appreciated.  Below is the 2019 Beyond Boundaries Wish List which includes the approximate cost required to fulfill each wish.  

    We have many exciting and ambitious plans for 2019, but cannot reach our full potential without YOU and your support.

    Thank you for your time and consideration in helping to improve the lives of others and allowing us to continue our amazing programs for our riders.  

    We wish you the happiest of holidays and many blessings for the New Year!

    Beyond Boundaries Wish List 2019

    Monthly horse sponsorships @ $200 for a month for grooming, feed, hay, worming, farrier, etc.

    Monthly rider sponsorships @ $100 for a month of riding fees

    New helmets @ $50-60 each

    New safety belts @ $40 each

    New horse halters & lead ropes- $25 each for nylon halters & $15 for lead ropes

    Grooming buckets for each horse - $75 each we need 13 for each horse to have his/her own grooming bucket containing the following: curry, hard brush, soft brush, mane & tail comb & pic for hooves

    Treats for the horses - various prices

    Big fans for the arena

    Large Heaters for the arena & barn

    Barn mats for stalls - rubber mats @ $75 each

    Heavy duty industrial strength long water hoses

    55 gallon barrels

    Panels for fencing to continue to remove the barbwire @ $100 each 12 ft.

    ❏ Gas Blower

    Fertilizers for the spring fields

    Sponsors to repair Coverall Arena ~ $12,000

    Land sponsors ~ 30 acres we are paying on @ $12,000 an acre

    Look for sprinkler options for the arena & materials to add to sand w/ the cost

    Pressure washer

    Tractor ~ oil changes, & upkeep

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    Our Mission

    To aid people with disabilities in DISCOVERING and MAXIMIZING their individual potential while increasing progress toward therapeutic goals and fostering independence.