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The Beyond Boundaries herd is made up of 15 amazing horses, each with their own unique strengths and personalities that contribute to the success of our program.


Bon Jovi

Arabian/Hanoverian Cross Breed

Double registered, and trained as a top dressage competitor.
Bon Jovi sustained an injury that removed him from competition. Once he was rehabilitated from his injury, he joined our team. After receiving therapy horse training, Bon Jovi quickly transitioned into a top
notch member of our herd.


Haflinger Breed

Foaled in 2003, Peanut was trained in dressage prior to entering his first therapy program in 2009.
Peanut’s exceptional work in equine assisted therapy programs have earned him multiple awards,
including the title of National Therapy Horse of the Year.

Captain Jackson

Mustang Breed

Foaled into the wild in 2010, Captain was rounded up by the United States Bureau of Land Management.
Captain completed his training to become a therapy horse at the Colorado Department of Corrections,
and began his career as a therapy horse in 2015.


Missouri Foxtrotter Breed

Rambo entered training to become a therapy horse in 2018, after spending the beginning of his career
as a ranch horse and trail riding companion.
Due to his sweet and gentle nature, as well as his ease of ground handling, he has become the perfect
equine partner for our Reading Rambo program.


Quarter Horse Breed

Breed to be a championship cutting horse, like his mom, Teddy found a slow and steady pace to be
much more to his liking.
Donated for use to our program, Teddy was trained as a therapy horse and has proven himself to be the
unwavering backbone of our program.


Haflinger Breed

Triscuit was broke out and trained specifically to be therapy horse, prior to being donated to our
program in 2022.
Her short stature and sweet nature makes her the perfect equine assistant for Hippotherapy and
Therapeutic Riding.


Arabian Breed

After being donated to our program, Bay was trained specifically as a therapy horse.
Her short height, along with her lean stature makes her the perfect horse for smaller friends with less
flexible joints.


Comanche is where it all began. As the original Therapy Horse for Beyond Boundaries, Comanche has
carried the weight of the program like a super star for many years.
He now lives a relaxing life, grazing around the pasture with the exception of one lesson per week with a
very special friend.


Mini Pony

Foaled in 2010 and donated to our program, Dusty is always a welcome sight for all of our friends. His
very small size and super cute face always brings a smile to everyone.
Dusty has been trained to pull clients in his cart, which offers alternate routes of therapy for our friends.


Arabian Breed

Foaled in 2008, Indy was trained and registered as an endurance competitor before joining our program
in 2021.
She was trained to be a therapy horse at our Ward location, and now provides services for our clients in
Van Buren.


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