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Beyond Boundaries’ mission is to aid people with disabilities in discovering and maximizing their individual potential while increasing progress toward therapeutic goals and fostering independence.


Creating a world of limitless opportunities for individuals of all ability levels.

Beyond Boundaries' organizational vision is to be the trusted leader in equine-assisted services through research, education and programing. Serving over 100 individuals each year, Beyond Boundaries is recognized as the leading organization providing this type of service in the state of Arkansas.


Beyond Boundaries was started by Beth Stamp, PT, DPT, PCS when she decided to take a leap of faith by combining her love of horses and physical therapy. Along with a group of community supporters, she founded Beyond Boundaries in efforts to improve the type and quality of therapy services available to children and adults with disabilities in Arkansas.


Beyond Boundaries' primary location is in Ward, AR. A second location will be opening in Alama, AR, in 2024. Our programming has grown exponentially over the last 20 years and continues to fill a very important and special need in our state.

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